Casting Announced for Hutterite, Filming in Sioux Falls, Directed by Becca Flinn

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, MAY 25, 2017 – The majority of the cast has now been confirmed for Hutterite, a film by Sioux Falls native Becca Flinn. It’s loosely based on the life of her mother and her departure from the Hutterite community.

The lead role of Marigold, a young Hutterite woman who yearns for an education, will be played by Brooke Sorenson. Brooke has had recurring roles on Modern Family and The Thundermans.

“I’m so excited for Brooke to play this role,” said Flinn. “She’s a tremendous actress who I’ve worked with before. I trust her completely to do justice to this film, which is so close to my heart.”

Drew Powell, who plays Butch Gilzean on the hit show Gotham, will tackle the role of the Minister.

“Drew was the most excited to do this role, and I’m so thrilled he can play the part,” said Flinn. “It’s a terrific match.”

Kimmy Gatewood (GLOW, Conan) is set to portray Grace, Marigold’s mother. The actress has played comedic and dramatic roles with ease.

“Kimmy is an experienced writer and director along with being a gifted actress,” said Flinn. “I’m thrilled she was available – her sensibilities will make Grace come to life like no one else.”

Young Marigold will be portrayed by the charming Pressley Richardson (Clique Wars), and Nancy is going to be played by Kimberly Horner (Dead Before Dawn, Cougar Town).

Extras will be portrayed by Sioux Falls actors (NOTE will there be other small roles locals will play?) and several crew members will be hired locally as well. Two more roles, George and young George, will be announced later.

“I’m so delighted to see this project coming together,” said Flinn. “The cast we have is exactly who I want to play these roles, and the community of Sioux Falls has been so welcoming. I’m looking forward to coming home and finishing this project.”


Becca Flinn